About Us

Unparalleled Training With a Personal Touch

At Eminence Training Solutions, we redefine professional development, delivering tailored, cost-effective training without compromising on quality. Your growth, safety, and success are at the heart of what we do. We are your local partner in professional development, renowned for blending expertise, experience, and an individualised approach to meet your specific training needs.

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Comprehensive Safety Training Tailored For You.

Whether it’s learning life-saving first aid techniques, enhancing workplace safety, or ensuring competent response during fire emergencies, our courses equip you with the essential skills to navigate unforeseen challenges confidently. Each course is built to provide practical knowledge and hands-on experience, empowering individuals and organisations to respond adeptly in emergency situations. Our trainers have rich emergency services backgrounds, delivering engaging training modules ensuring a conducive learning environment. At Eminence, we don’t just provide training; we instil a sense of responsibility and assurance, fostering safer communities and workplaces.

The Eminence Edge

Our uniqueness lies in our roots - comprising highly qualified Emergency Services Personnel with over 50 years of front-line experience. Every member of our training team is not just a trainer but a specialist, adept at infusing real-life insights and understanding into every course.

Real-Life Solutions

Skills honed from the front lines to the classroom  Every course is enriched with practical insights, ensuring that your team is not just trained but is adept at applying learned skills in real-world scenarios. 

Our Expertise

Our trainers aren’t just accredited; they are a league apart. With individual subject accreditations and recognised Teaching and Assessing Qualifications, they stand as pillars of knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Join us at Eminence Training Solutions – where expertise, adaptability, and affordability converge, crafting a bespoke learning experience designed for your ultimate success.

Cost Effective Learning

Convenience and affordability are at the core of our offerings. Our in-house training modules ensure your team learns in a familiar environment with equipment they’re comfortable with. For smaller teams, our joint venue offerings present a cost-effective solution without compromising on the quality of training.

Approachable & Adaptable

We are not just about imparting knowledge; we believe in building connections. Our approach is rooted in professionalism marked by a warm, approachable demeanour. We mould our courses, adapting them to fit the unique needs and challenges of your team, ensuring an enriched learning experience.